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Trail Log : Hyderabad and Her Trails

Hyderabad is very well known for its beautiful historic sites like the Charminar and Golconda fort, as well as delicious mughlai cuisine, and WHO CAN FORGET BIRYANI!? Little do people know about the city of pearls’ secret. she loves techy trails and has a growing number of them.


The city of Hyderabad sits on top of a plateau and thus has a bit of rolling terrain however the range from its highest point to the average is only 130m difference. I’ve only been able to get 30-40m of vertical gain/loss in my trails. Hyderabad will not been known for steep DH style trails, the city’s geography prevents the production of them. This conundrum means that her trails will be better for XC, and trail riding…unless, you make the trails technically challenging rather than steep. Luckily, Hyderabad offers us loads of rocks to ride over! We’d be trading a bit of flow for tech but it’s better than an empty trail.


Hyderabad has some extremely good clay soil to make features with UNFORTUNATELY…it’s very hard to get that soil from under the top layer, instead you have a very sandy uncooperative soil. I’ve found that some regions don’t even have a clay interior, there’s a thin topsoil layer and then straight rock…HOW DO I BUILD WITH THIS!?

I’ve resorted to using rocks as the base to most of the features I make. usually the best course of action is to google map scavenge regions with visible tractor or truck markings, these places tend to have a good amount of rock, elevation, and the soil is churned up by the trucks so it’s easy to build there.

Regions, and Trails

I’ve found a few areas to build and ride with really good results. Here they are:

Airport Hill: This region is home to the city’s favorite trails. Airport Hill is the region with the most elevation gain/loss. There are 5 trails here, 2 Green, 1 Blue, 2 Black diamond. Most of the trails here have no features built by me or my friends although, that’s going to change. The trails are fast and techy, a win-win! there is significant rock work over here and there is going to be a lot more to come!

  1. Trail List For Airport Hill

  2. Holding Pattern

  3. Runway

  4. Mild Turbulence

  5. Fasten Your Seatbelts

  6. Traverse

Evergreen Flats: This place is an oddball, it’s almost totally flat…and sandy, nothing much here…except a skills park that’s in the process of construction by yours truly! My vision for this region is for all the trails to be green with multiple optional features of varying difficulty. It’ll be a place to build the basic skills required to ride, there isn’t much risk and loads of rewards. I’ve built a mini kicker jump, I’m in the process of building a teeter totter and skinny line section. Surprisingly the region has a lot of flow, a lot of twists and turns…and of course, sand. there is only one trail with millions of branching paths, Perimeter Dash.

Individual Trails

  1. On The Rocks- Blue, Tech

  2. Bob and Weave – Green, Flow

  3. Stairway From Heaven – Green, Rock face

There are a couple more apart from these but those are trails that are under construction or awaiting a safety clearance.

I’ll be posting next week on Sunday, May 10th about what should you pack for a ride on Hyderabadi trails.

Till then


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