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Challenge: Make the 2020 Lockdown a lot less boring

So…You’re stuck, I’m stuck, everybody is stuck. The world has hit the figurative pause button and things have come to a screeching halt.

I can feel the boredom of every human within a 3 km radius and it is A LOT! so I am putting together a list of things that may help pass the time effectively, and productively.

Eat Make Food:

Breakfast skillet, perfect mix of carbs, veggies, and protein

Cooking is a fun past-time for many and a routine for others. It’s nothing short of a nightmare for me! I’m very good at turning a kitchen into a pyrotechnics lab and/or burning the place down…yep.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve pulled up my socks and started to cook basic breakfast meals, heavy in carbs and proteins for an active day ahead! a lazy day ahead.

It has been around two weeks of cooking and I’m fairly impressed by my cooking.(and restraint to not burn the place down)

Brew some Coffee

As many of you may know I’m a coffee enthusiast snob. I love my coffee like I love my bike, you cant take it away from me, at all. Advancing in the field of coffee brewing is a goal of mine, so is making my kitchen a barista’s wet dream…my girlfriend is not going to approve of this.

If you have any coffee brewer, USE IT! If you are still using instant coffee, you are going to love real coffee…and you’d never be able to switch back to the disgusting taste of instant coffee.

Impress your friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, aunts, aunt’s friends, dog, dog’s friends with your amazing coffee skills by the end of the lockdown.

Hit me up for help with your coffee game!

Build your Bike Skills

I live in a fairly large apartment complex with massive spaces. For that reason I’m able to go to the basement and practice all sorts of bike handling skills from skinnies to cutties and even 180 endos!

If you have the space to ride back and forth, perfect! Practice your slow and quick bike handling skills, I recommend watching Sid & Macky, Jeff Lenosky, or the classic, GMBN on youtube to get a few drills to practice.

Take Up a New Hobby

A design I made based on the trail difficulty logos

I love recording videos and making edits of my riding, I also love to make designs and logos. I’ve taken up video editing, animation, and logo design as courses to really hone in my abilities and become a better content creator.

You should leave this lockdown with more on your resume than before, learn more, practice loads, get the ball rolling.

Be Patient

The lockdown will end, sooner or later. Till then keep your head up high, pull your socks up, and get to work becoming a smarter, safer, more skilled person. After all, your friends haven’t seen you in a while, why not surprise them when they do see you!

Well…that’s about it…this wasn’t meant to be a step by step guide to anything. just a quick read on the things I’m doing to make this lockdown a lot less mind melting. I’ll try to write as often as i can. until the next time…Tschuss!

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