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What We Stand For

At Destination Dirt, our approach is to build, protect, and promote Mountain Biking across the city of Hyderabad. Our objective is to promote the sport through workshops, races, trail-building sessions, and more! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this or are just ready to take it to the next level. At Destination Dirt, the world of Mountain Biking is at your fingertips!

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Founder, President (Destination Dirt Trail Builder's Association)

The world of professional Cycling isn’t an easy one. I started racing as a Road Cyclist in early 2017. I raced road till 2019 locally and internationally. In early 2018 I started to toe the line into mountain biking. I successfully came in the top ten of my age group in the 2018 National MTB Championship and later 4th in the 2019 edition. While all of this was happening I started building trails in my local region and now I race, ride, build, and organize events to bring the massive MTB community out of its long slumber.

Cycling Accolades:

  • 1st – U18, Tour of glory 2017 (3 day stage race, 1st in all)

  • 3rd – U18, Bangalore Bicycle Championships Nandi Epic 2017 (BBCh)

  • 3rd – U16, Telangana State Road Cycling Championship 2017

  • 1st – U18, BBCh April XCO 2018

  • 1st – U18, BBCh August XCO 2018

  • 1st – U18, Telangana State MTB championship 2018

  • 2nd – U18, Telangana State Road Cycling Championship 2018

  • 9th – U18, XCT MTB National Championship 2018

  • 6th – U18, XCO MTB National Championship 2018

  • 1st – U18, Tour of Glory 2018 (4 stage race, 1st in all)

  • 4th – Overall, Tour of Glory 2018

  • 8th – U18, National Road Cycling Championships TTT 2018

  • 1st – U18 Telangana State MTB championship XCT 2019

  • 1st – U18, Telangana State MTB championship XCO 2019

  • 4th – U18, National MTB Championship XCT 2019

  • 6th – U18, National MTB Championship XCO 2019

  • 3rd – Open category, Temghar MTB Challenge 2020

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Vice-President (Destination Dirt Trail Builder's Association)

A lot of people ask me, Why do I do it? Is it for the environment? Is it for fitness? What is it?
To be honest, I don’t know how to not sound insane, when I tell them, I really love bicycling. 


Dr K.K. Doty in 1892 said, “Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens.” 
I couldn’t agree more with him, I’ve got to know the contours of the city better than the ones who’ve spent most of their lives here. 

On my Instagram, I click pictures of my bicycle with whatever is around. I call it @bike.with.a.view


I personally believe a bicycle is the Fountain of Youth; every time I get on my bike, I feel like a kid. A kid who doesn't have to worry about adulting. 

I like to ride. Can't stop. Don't want to, either.

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Secretary (Destination Dirt Trail Builder's Association)

As they say, sometime you don't get to choose your passion but your passion choose you. Few rides in Sahyadri range during monsoon pushed me more into cycling. Though I started as a tourer, I fell in love with trail riding when came to Hyderabad and that is because of community and kind of people I met. 
As the days passed, my love for riding an MTB on a trail got more and more serious. 

Honestly I realized, when you start cycling, you enter a new world, meet similar people like you and literally see yourself living a different life. 

"So get a cycle and love it, it will take you to a whole new world"

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Vice-Secretary (Destination Dirt Trail Builder's Association)

I visited the local turf to play football in my degree first year. After 10 minutes of light running, I was gassed out. From that point on, getting back to my younger, healthier self was of utmost priority. 

To build up stamina, I took my childhood cycle and restored it. As I continued to ride, I realized that cycling brought me closer to the local wild flora and fauna than ever before. It was a means to an end, to satisfy my everlasting fascination with wildlife and nature. As I rode with an intent to get closer and closer to the back 40, I started to discover trails around rivers and reserve forests in my city outskirts. Eventually, I landed up at one of Prajwal's MTB skills workshops for beginner mountain bikers, upon spending the day at this workshop I knew that I had just struck gold! This was it!  Everything I was looking for; Thrill, Adrenaline, The wide unending expanse of nature, and last but not least, Comradery. After learning the ropes necessary to ride a mountain bike and spending a near never-ending amount of what felt like stationary seconds in the pain cave, I seized the opportunity and raced XC at the state level. Currently, I am training steadfastly to progress as a rider with a goal of racing the challenging XC Climbs, Dauntless Downhill Descends, and the All-Encompassing Enduro!

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